Who: Hibari and Izaya
What: The two discuss their 'business relationship'.
Where: Izaya's office in Castellatus
When: The weekend after this thread, August 18, mid-afternoon

The address written on the card Izaya had given him led to a multi-storey building in the district of Castellatus. He shielded his eyes from the glare of the sun as he peered upwards, double-checking to make sure he had the right place. Well, it was suitable enough for a financial advisor, he supposed.

Hibari pulled out his phone and dialled the other man's number, holding the phone to his ear while he waited for the call to connect. Hopefully Izaya would be in at this time; business hours hadn't ended yet, after all. His little bird puffed out its feathers and trilled while they loitered outside the doors leading into the foyer.